A Beautiful Space to Gather

Visit our lower level and have Coffee at the Carnegie. Our hope for this quaint little coffee shop is that it becomes a place to make friends and form relationships, just like the people who visited the Library so many years ago.

We have set out to serve the best coffee, bites, sweets, and an ever-expanding menu while providing the local community with a charming and unique atmosphere. Here, it is all about our family, our friends, our co-workers, our kids, and our community. We welcome guests into this very special place and get to know the people and heritage of northeastern Colorado.

In addition to being a cozy spot to work or catch up with a friend, the coffee shop will feature a small space available by reservation. Perfect for meetings, bible studies, and more!


Kukla Koffee

Kukla Coffee, named for Russian nesting dolls, is dedicated to the memory of our daughter Anna. Annalee always opened her heart and mind to empathy, love, and kindness. In her honor, we have established the Annalee Schott Memorial Fund, a 501C3. All proceeds from the sales of Kukla Koffee will support things that were important to Annalee: God, Rodeo, FFA, and campaigns that raise awareness of mental illness in teens.

Everyday, we try to “Live and Love like Anna.”